Splash screen the right way

I believe that Google isn’t contradicting itself; the old advice and the new stand together. (That said, it’s still not a good idea to use a splash screen that wastes a user’s time. Please don’t do that.)
However, Android apps do take some amount of time to start up, especially on a cold start. There is a delay there that you may not be able to avoid. Instead of leaving a blank screen during this time, why not show the user something nice? This is the approach Google is advocating. Don’t waste the user’s time, but don’t show them a blank, unconfigured section of the app the first time they launch it, either.
If you look at recent updates to Google apps, you’ll see appropriate uses of the splash screen. Take a look at the YouTube app, for example.

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ABC Flash Cards

ABC Flash Cards

ABC Flash Cards is great for teaching children Alphabet and Numbers with fun and easy way. ABC Flash Cards will teach your kids with a lot of animal characters, interactive screen, with background sound, with voice for each Alphabet and Numbers. Every letter of Alphabet and Numbers show different colors and different animals.

ABC Flash Cards Application to increase vocabulary, concentration and cognition skills for children.

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IP Info

IP Info

My IP Information is a simple application to help you to check your current IP address, Region or Country your IP, Organization your IP, and will show your IP location on map.

My IP Information is create with a very simple and clean user interface design so users can use this application very easily.

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Otocare Android

Otocare is mobile application launched by Astra Insurance. This application has been available for download via Google Play for Android platform and Apple’s App Store for iPhone iOS. Otocare aimed for the public user and customers Garda Oto. Simply by downloading Otocare, users can get a lot of information and services from Astra Insurance in one application.

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Ongkir Resi

Ongkir Resi is an application that helps you to find the Local shipping cost (Indonesian courier like JNE, POS Indonesia, TIKI, PCP, ESL, dan RPX), Worldwide shipping cost (EMS), and help you track your package (JNE).

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Quote Generator

Looking for simple quote or meme generator? Tired with others application that are difficult to use?
Quote Generator is the best and easiest way to create and share your quotes or meme with the world. Quote Generator ready with some customizing options such as background colors, text colors, text size, and fonts, or you can choose your photo from sdcard to be used as background, so you can share your own quotes or meme to other friends.

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Android Studio Shortcut for Mac OS X

Android Studio have many keyboard shortcuts that helps developers to develop android application. Let me show you some of the shortcuts for android studio for Mac user.

Android Studio Command Type Mac OS X Shortcuts
Reformat code OPTION + CMD + L
Show selected API documentation F1 / FUNCTION + F1
Generate Source Code CMD + N
Jump to source CMD + DOWN ARROW KEY
Search by symbol name OPTION + CMD + O
Build CMD + F9
Build and Run CTRL + R
Toggle Project Sidebar Visibility CMD + 1
Open Class CMD + O
Open File ( including resources) CMD + SHIFT + O
Recent Files Opened CMD + E
Recently edited files CMD + SHIFT + E
Previous Next/Previous Error F2 / FUNCTION F2
Last Edited Location CMD + SHIFT + BACKSPACE
Last Location CMD + [ and CMD + ]
Go to Declaration CMD + B
Go to Super CMD + Y
Next Word Navigation ALT + LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEY
Find CMD + F
Find in Path SHIFT + CMD + F
Refactor Class, Method CTRL + T


Android Studio Tips Of the Day

Now I’m using Android Studio to develop Android Application. Eclipse not good enough for me to develop android application, sorry to say especially for eclipse’s fans (Because Eclipse ever delete all my folders inside the workspace folder for no reason – not only once). And also Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) is no longer supported with the latest version of ADT (Check Here). With Android Studio, you can easily import library with Gradle with simple way.

So I will share you about Android Studio have many shortcut / tips to help you develop Android Application. Here tips of the day From Philippe Breault (Thanks to him) and here the Wiki that collects all current tips from him (on Pavlos Petros Tournaris’s Github -Thanks to Pavlos-Petros Tournaris) Or maybe you can visit Developerphil’s Website Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and also you can see every day Android Studio tips from Philippe Breault’s Google+).

Cheers guys and happy coding :)

Parcelable or Serializable

We all know we cannot just pass object references to activities or fragments, we must put those in an Intent / Bundle. We only have two options, with Parcelable or Serializable. How about the performance / speed?

Here the results:

Nexus 10
Serializable: 1.0004ms, Parcelable: 0.0850ms – 10.16x improvement.

Nexus 4
Serializable: 1.8539ms – Parcelable: 0.1824ms – 11.80x improvement.

Desire Z
Serializable: 5.1224ms – Parcelable: 0.2938ms – 17.36x improvement.

Source By :

Thanks to Philippe Breault.

And here the Source to download

Solve Alarm Manager or Notification Firing Randomly

One time I develop an application that requires trigger a notification every specific time. Then I create Alarm Manager for trigger Android Notification, but i got my Alarm Manager firing random time after first notification. So my notification sometimes show at random time.

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