About Me

Hi I’m Jimmy Leonardo, I’m a Geeky Programmer who loves everything that is simple.

Ten years ago, I start learned about Web Programming (PHP) and tried to create and develop some website (Frontend & Backend) with some PHP framework (CodeIgniter, Laravel 4, Symfony 1.4 and 2+) and integrated with MYSQL database. It’s fun :) because you can create some website with good design (CSS) and some animation (JQuery). But coding is not enough, so i tried to learn Photoshop, Illustrator (for design tools and try to slicing the design to HTML + CSS), Adobe Flash (for animation) and Sketch 3 (this is excelent tool). It was really Fun!.

And, a few years ago I’m interested with mobile application, so I learned about Android Programming language (Native, Cordova). After that i tried to develop and publish some application (a few stupid app :p) to Google Play. And now I’m still studying iOS programming (Obj C and Swift), hopefully in the future I can make useful applications in the App Store.

While I primarily write code, I also concern for quality design and good user experience (UIUX). A user interface is like a joke. if you have to explain it it’s not that good

So that’s me, nice to meet you :)

And.. what’s this website about? Here is the place where I share my personal experiences and passions. I hope that I can share useful information! By the way forgive me before, because of my bad English or grammar in every post. Why not use Indonesian? Because I want to improve my English. Cheers.

Lol, are you serious read all of that?


You can see some of the things I’ve worked on over on my projects page

PS: I love clean code!